Sonorous DoBad

Honestly, this one made me laugh.


With respect, I think you’ve lost the plot.

Yes, times have changed for the better in the sense that certain moral nuances have become adopted by the public-at-large. But can you honestly sit back (especially as a writer) and laud the larger "PC"…

With respect, I think you're way off here. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but it seems your advocating some very counterproductive advice.

If you feel your "professional life" encroaching on your personal, the worst thing you can do is "ignore it." In effect, though, isn't that what you are suggesting here?

How am I wrong?

The facial lines were deeper, the hair greyer. Wow, I thought, they’re officially old.

Time jumps during the holidays. Especially when you’re visiting from a different part of the country. Suddenly you notice the dog is huge, the houses are new, and yes, the neighbors are old. …

Bill fired up the coffee maker. Mary shuffled in a few minutes later wearing white socks and a robe that looked like it could fly. They listened to the radio until the caffeine kicked in.

Bill’s plan for the day was to hit at least twelve leads in Lowell, maybe…

A 20 Year Reunion

Class reunions are not fun. Especially when you already know that Kristy has 2 kids and that Alex is in Oregon and Jack is dead and Steven is divorced and Sara’s fat…Goddamn social media ruins everything.

I look around at my former classmates. …

It was the first morning of the first day of Summer Break and nothing (not even my mom’s jet-engine-vacuum banging around at 6am) could bring me down.

My brother and I kicked things off by measuring exactly our length of freedom.

72 days.

There were 72 glorious days between us…

It was the 10-year-old youth basketball finals.

A dozen or so dutiful parents watched from the stands.


Me and another kid stepped forward.

The opposing point guard flung the ball to a player near the baseline. He shot. The ball bounced. We got the rebound.

“Time out!”

Our coach…

Sonorous DoBad

This isn’t real

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